June 20, 2016

Common text

In Chapter 3, we are introduced to a sample text, “What to do with the oddball Jarvis Street?”, which is used to exemplify the five ARC roles in later chapters. Information used and/or referred to within this text come from the following online sources. If you use this sample text with students or fellow teachers in your program as an introduction to ARC, you may find them useful supplements. It is not important to be familiar with Toronto (in fact, it’s better if you’re not!).

CBC News, Lower residential speed limit considered by Ontario government

City of Toronto, Jarvis Street Streetscape Improvements – Class Environmental Assessment Study

City of Toronto, Public notice: Jarvis Street Bike Lane Removal and Reinstatement of Centre Reversible Lane

Elliot, M. City Council Scorecard: How to save the Jarvis bike lanes

Flack, D. A visual history of Jarvis Street

Lostracco, M. Degraded Jarvis Street to be mildly upgraded

Metro Canada, Jarvis bike lane vote lost because councillors changed their minds

Moloney, P. & Vincent, D. Council approves Jarvis bike lanes

World Health Organisation. Road safety – speed




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