January 14, 2016


References in book

  1. Smart Cars
  2. Toronto City Council vote

Role tools

Obviously Wikipedia is the go-to source for background information. Students will consult it whether or not we like it. It comes up almost always first in Google results, and let’s face it, most of us use it ourselves because the information is quick, easy to access, and increasingly reliable (check out Chapter 3 topic: Jarvis Street, as an example). Unless it’s a high-stakes assignment, Contextualisers can find useful information for Wikipedia, but recognising its limitations is also valuable. One way to help is to point them to other spaces, which may verify Wikipedia’s content, or even add more detail. Try these:

  • the historical association for mentioned event
  • the personal or professional website of a mentioned person
  • the geographical website for a mentioned place
  • the commercial website for a mentioned product
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