January 14, 2016

General & teacher tools

General references in book

  1. ARC introduction sample text

General tools


  • Lightshot – Sometimes during individual work, learners need to include information they find on the web into their shared documents. If you’re a Google Chrome user, add this extension to your browser to take simple screenshots of websites that can be inserted into documents, but be sure to cite the source!
  • Google-Docs-logoGoogle docs – For any of the handouts made of individual work, the collaborative Google docs is a fantastic tool to not only share them during group work, but engage each group member in writing onto the handouts together. At least one member will need to have a Google account in order to start a new document.
  • Mendeley – Students can now collect all their references on their phones, online, or shared from others. Plus, they can annotate PDFs and make citations at any point.
  • FLAX Library – Amongst other resources, this site provides a collection of authentic texts from a variety of genres and generally manageable length. Check out the different collections available, including British Academic Written English Collections and Law Collections as a starting point.
  • Anticipation guides – Adam Simpson shares a useful pre-reading tool to activate schema and help learners make predictions about a text with this simple-to-use tool.
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