January 14, 2016



Role tools

  • ScreenshotJust the word – this tool searches corpora for the frequency of collocated words by word class for any searched word. The results can be a little confusing at first, but basically the higher the number indicated and longer the green line, the more frequently that collocation has be used. Try out the word “academic“. You’ll see that with nouns, “academic year” and “academic staff” are the two most frequent. Someday maybe “academic reading circles” will be up there….
  • Find keyword – copy and paste any text into the input box and this website will calculate the total occurrences of each word in the text. This can be helpful in determining if unknown words are significant or potential topically-related vocabulary.
  • Academic word list highlighter – this tool from the University of Nottingham allows you space to paste your text, choose the sublist, and results in identified AWL words within it.
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