January 14, 2016




I’d love to hear from you (written or video) words how ARC has been for you or even better, your students! If you’d like to do so, please add your testimonial (or video URL) in the comments below or email to seburnt@fourc.ca and if selected, it will be added to various ARC spaces like here! Thank you!

“As an international student whose first language is not English I consider that sometimes learning this language can be overwhelming.  That is the reason why it is really important to use an effective and entertaining method that allows the student to be completely involved with an English reading or text. In this context, the reading circle is an activity that accurately accomplishes this mission because it guarantees that the student deeply examines and understands the text. Consequently, after doing reading circles I have noticed that my abilities to both read and understand an English text have considerably improved.”
~Andrea Muñoz, first year undergraduate student, University of Toronto

“As a reading and writing instructor who has used the ARCs for the first time recently, I can state that it is an effective way to have students engage with any sort of text, academic or otherwise. Due to the different roles that each member has to fulfill in the group reading of the text, it instills in students the idea that comprehensively reading a text involves the interaction of different skills and sets of knowledge (including context, vocabulary, connections to themselves and outside the class, visual conceptualizations of ideas in the text, and simply comprehending the main ideas in the text). I think this was the most important lesson that students took away from the ARCs, in fact.

While there was a bit of a learning curve in the beginning, once students understood both their roles and how it fits within the bigger picture, the ball started rolling. In the end, it was an effective and very explicit way of breaking down the process of reading for learners. As for the students themselves, I can attest that they enjoyed the peer-to-peer discussions and wished for more time in class for more ARCs!”
~Alice Kim, EAP instructor, University of Toronto

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